Auditory Processing
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The Auditory Training Program Computer & Tablet Based Interventions

How does the Auditory Training Program differ from widely available Computer, tablet and ipod interventions?

The Auditory Training ProgramTM uses customised techniques that individually target the auditory processing skills of: pitch discrimination, dichotic listening (left versus right ear performance when stimuli are given simultaneously to both ears), perception of sound intensity (volume) changes, auditory figure ground differentiation (perceiving speech with background noise), poor temporal processing (speed), auditory closure (use of auditory cues to establish the bits of the missed auditory signal), auditory attention, short term auditory memory and auditory hypersensitivities..

The Auditory Training ProgramTM incorporates the following features:

Why is it important to use high definition audio and studio quality equipment for auditory training?

The use of high definition audio delivered in real time, with precise filters and exact timing delays, using studio quality equipment allows for the closest possible replication of real world auditory challenges for the brain to develop auditory skills and learn to encode auditory information. Training the brain that has auditory processing deficits requires a no compromise approach, because any compromise in the sound quality and range of auditory trainig techniques, compormises the level of improvement the auditory system can achieve.

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